Photo portrait Portrait photographer Daniele Giguere
Professional portrait and special event photographer in the Quebec area

My Studio

I have my own spacious, luminous and well-equipped studio, immediately behind my residence in Donnacona. It offers great natural light and walls with different textures as well. The cement floor is brand new and contemporary, and the space also includes a hair and makeup styling space and a meeting and editing area. I have several pieces of furniture and accessories as well as cloth and cardboard backdrops. My equipment includes two studio flash systems (5 heads—2 Bowens and 3 White Lighting), umbrellas, light boxes and reflectors of many types.

Your photos can be set outside, in public spaces selected for their interesting surroundings, or in a studio setting. I resort to both options, depending upon the requirements of your project.

Creating the appropriate, relaxed ambiance for each client is of paramount importance to me, hence the need for a peaceful, comfortable and well-equipped space that creates a haven of relaxation. My studio provides all this.

Studio studio