Photo portrait Portrait photographer Daniele Giguere
Professional portrait and special event photographer in the Quebec area

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Recent Photo Projects

In this blog are described in a chronological order recent projects and some of my favorite photos. These project are as varied as a wedding proposition I covered, to a family portrait in the long grass, a VIP event at Jean Coutu pharmacy with Jean Airoldi, corporate or personal portraits, or a couple in an airplane tour over the city!

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Many of us are fascinated by the intricate techniques underlying the production of some photo projects. I share that interest; I want to know how a project was conceived, planned and implemented. I crave detailed descriptions of anecdotes, obstacles and unforeseen events. My own Facebook page will describe some details of my own experiences and occasional promotions.

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Interior residential, urban and documentary photos

Phography is an artistic discipline that allows me to explore new ways of observing the reality around me. It provides an opportunity to frame and isolate a scene, to suggest relationships between spaces and objects—a new view on our surroundings. My topics are details or nooks discovered within day-to-day life in our public or private habitats. I unveil and emphasize whatever poetry that lives within the most banal.

Urban photo series:


Photos of scenery, still life, etc.

More than a profession, photography is a passion for me. With my camera in hand, I meander along the ever-changing shores of the St. Lawrence River and deep along forested trails during my spare time. Time stands still—I live the present moment and soak in the euphoric sensations that wash over me.

Nature and still life photos:


Artists, Fashion and Beauty Photos

I often undertake projects in the world of performing arts and fashion. Both share many characteristics and influence one another.

Artists and fashion photos: