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Professional portrait and special event photographer in the Quebec area

Hair and makeup styling services

Hair and makeup are very important elements to consider when planning to produce the best headshot possible. Natural type of styling can be very charming in many cases, but it may not be polished enough for a more a corporate image in the business world or you may wish to be more creative with your hair and makeup. Most of us don’t have the training of a professionnal hair and makeup artist. To each their talent! That’s why we work with a team that will treat each project with the greatest professionnalism.

Studio lighting and high resolution photos reveal all details (pores, textures, bloches, scars, rings under the eyes and even stray hairs). Makeup and hair stylists are present on all the photography, movie and television sets. These stylists are used for men as well as for women since all little details count on a still photo. They may be more costy to correct and retouch once everything is done.

Enhancing the eyes and the mouth or harmonising the skin is a common strategy to intensifying the expression of you face. Defining your lips and eyes will create a more bright and clean look.