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What is fashion and beauty photography? An artistic way of presenting fashion style and beauty is the combination of a singular mood created with an original concept, a mastering of lighting, experienced makeup, clothing and hair stylists who understand how to enhance shapes, colors and textures according to today’s trends. Beauty shots are close-ups of the face, but instead of revealing the personality or character of a portrait, it’s rather the esthetic and formal qualities of the face that are emphasized. These type of photoss are often used in the music, theater and movie business as well because they are pleasing visually, but mostly artistic and plunge us in an imaginary and fantasy world.

You’re an artist, musician or actor and need photos for your advertising, CD and press releases? The image that will represent you will tell a lot about your personality and sense of originality. Finding an interesting concept and strategies that will express your ideas and attract attention desired is a challenge that is really up my alley. My visual arts experiences enable me to think “outside the box” and invent new ways of saying things.

You feel that you have what it takes to succeed as a model in the fashion industry but don’t quite knowhow to get started and put together your first modeling portfolio? My experience as a fashion photographer will be just what you need to guide you with finding the right pose and expression to create a portfolio that modeling agencies will love. I will also assist you through your selection and organization of your fashion portfolio.

Maybe you don’t necessarily want to become a model, but you would love to experience a fashion photo session just like a professional model! A fashion photo shoot is first constructed with an original concept and a good team of makeup, hair and clothing stylists who have a vision. The team will determine whether the shooting should take place in a studio or outdoors to create a really unique image.

You fantasize on seeing what a professional photographer could do to give you the look of a star!
A strong fashion photograph doesn’t rely only on beauty. In fact, most models look quite plain looking before the makeover. It’s really a matter of analyzing the bone structure of your body and face, choosing the angle and lighting that will enhance the features you want, and of course, getting that facial expression and attitude that will just stand out and define you as super stylish.

You have charm and beauty but not necessarily in a classical way? As a professional photographer, I have worked with so many different types of faces and find ALL of them interesting. The more different, the better. It’s really a matter of knowing how to work the light and angles to create a beautiful photograph that you’ll be so excited to show your friends and family!

Some of my clients

Clin d’oeil magazine
Folio Montreal
Specs Models Montreal
Agence les muses
Scoop agency
Giovanni model management
Serge Lapointe agency
Montage models