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Event photography

What is an event photographer?

An event photographer is an assigned photographer who that will document all the different important moments of your events. Having your corporate or professional events photographed is a perfect way to demonstrate the dynamic spirit of your business organising conferences, seminars, inaugurations, galas and cocktails, festivals or simply immortalising the very important moments of your personal life during anniversaries, wedding, graduations, competitions, etc.

Event photography gallery

An adversiting image or a personal photo album

Good photos are always appreciated in a souvenir album of personal events but they are essential in the corporate world for advertising campaigns, press releases, newsletters, blogs, and portfolios. Documentary photos of your events are excellent presentation tools. They can also be used in magazines, newspapers, in advertising posts and exhibitions stands. You’ll be thankful that you’ve documented the event once everything is finished and you can browse through all the various moments.

Your events deserve the treatment of professional event photographer.

Events are often affected by sudden changes in light or distance conditions. The photographer has to master his skills enough that technical adjustments are second nature to him. Creative event photography cannot rely on programs preset in cameras. Photography has become really accessible for amateur nowdays, but in order to be able to do decent photos in an event one would need to know the programs perfectly and have read the manual so many time to remember all the complexity of the possible ways of using or combining natural light, existing ambient light and additional internal or external flash lighting. It takes years of practice to master those skills and one should not be affected by stress or sudden hesitations. The photos you were wishing to submit to the media or in your communications could so easily be at risk of not being up to your standards. Of course, once the event is over, there is unfortunately no way or reproducing the whole context.

Technical problems or unexpected changes can occur!

Imagine the only traces of your important event are absolutely unusable! That disappointment is easily resolved by hiring a professional photographer that will not forget to have enough memory or battery time and recharge them through the event. Using a low quality or wrong format of file, not setting the flash in the right mode or direction, having unfortunate framing or compositions are all frequent difficulties that amateurs could encounter and have you regret not making the wise choice of investing in a professional to ensure the quality or your photographs.

Why should you hire a professional photographer and turn down a generous collegue?

Work collegues, friends or aquaintances often offer generously to document events you’re organising. If you could be assured that no mistake or distractions could occur and endanger those precious photos you’re hoping to capture, it would be ideal. Unfortunately, the risk is high of being disappointed and having to pretend you’re happy with the results. How unconfortable for you and your collegue who just wanted to help and didn’t even get to enjoy the event!

A detailed planning of the technical requirements and schedule is essential

Event photography is a real specialty and requires the very specific equipment to deal with low lighting, moving subject and limited access to the best position. Some conditions are so complex that the technical and artistic knowledge of an experienced professional is necessary to calculate quickly the specific adjustments for a very precise difficulty. A meeting with the client is necessary to have a detailed schedule, visit the location in advance and specify exactly where the photographer can circulate during the event.

Artistic and technical skills

Obtaining artistic and creative shots of your event is directly dependent on the level of experience and sense of timing of your photographer. A competent photographer must be calm at all time and be absolutely absorbed with all the subtle opportunities to capture something special and unique. Hiring a professional photographer will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the event and guaranty you high resolution images of the best quality.

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