Photo portrait Portrait photographer Daniele Giguere
Professional portrait and special event photographer in the Quebec area


From a very young age, encouraged by her parents, Danielle Giguère has been immersed in the world of arts. She earned a full time scholarship in a dance school in 1982 followed by a graphic arts studies and fine arts training at Dawson College where graduated with honors.

After ten years of working as a professional photographer, she undertook a bachelor degree in visual arts at Université Laval, where she earned the prestigious René-Richard grant for the excellence of her work in media art. This led her to complete a master’s degree in visual arts and to participate in exhibitions and events in Montreal, Quebec City, Japan, Polland and France.

As well as working in photography, Danielle Giguère has participated in other artistic projects in the performing arts, dance and music. She worked as a videographer, stage and artistic director, as well as producing dance and fashion shows.

Danielle Giguere photographer