Photo portrait Portrait photographer Daniele Giguere
Professional portrait and special event photographer in the Quebec area

Artists photographs and portraits

Musicians, dancers, actors and artists need professional photos for their portfolio, press releases, websites and social media. The photos are also used for your posters, advertising concerts and shows, CD and book covers.

Galerie de photographies d'artistes et de personnalités

Through the years, I have had the opportunity to do photo sessions for personalities, musicians and artists of all types.

A few of my clients:

Boom Desjardins (singer)
Tailor Made Fable (music group)
École de danse de Québec (dance school)
Longue Distance (music group)
Les Chauffeurs à Pieds (music group)
Raz-de-Marée / Tidal Wave (music group)
Matching Keys (music group)
La Centauré circus
La fanfare Monfarleau (music group)
Baladi Québec (dance school)
Oumar N’Diaye (african musician and dancer)
ENC (techno music group)
Marie-Hélène Breault (flute player)
Lilison Di Kinara (musician, dancer, visual artist)
Patrick Bernarht (musician and writer)
Jean-François Gagné (musician)
Marius Dubois (visual artist)

Specialty services

The image you project is a reflection of your inner character. It’s a way of giving information about yourself through your strengths, charisma and energy. Your photos can keep your public and the media interested in finding out more about you.

As for the movie industry, the location chosen is very evocative and a key element that will transport the public in your imagination and creative universe. The site, the ideas, the expression of your face and body all contribute widely in establishing an esthetic and poetic sense to your presentation. Hiring a artistic director as well as a professional photographer is a wise investment that can make a stunning difference in an industry that relies a lot on image.

Doing your hair, your makeup and selecting the right accessories and clothing can be such a puzzle. This is why we plan our photography projects with a team of professional stylists, as well as makeup and hair stylists that will bring all their expertise on set with them. Retouching services are also available and can be a very valuable resource in many cases.