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Creative and artistic direction

What is art direction or an artistic director, creative director, lead designer ?

You want to do a fashion shoot or you’re responsible for an advertising campaign but you haven’t hired an advertising agency? You’ve got a basic idea but you’d like the concept, the aesthetics and theme to be developed to another level?

Some clients choose to do the art direction themselves, but the challenge of expressing a very specific message in a new way with a still photo is daunting. The consumer should understand the message clearly with a strong image.

An artistic director will take the basic ideas and turn them into a larger concept through brainstorming sessions and development process with the client and the rest of the team. It’s often followed by location hunting, and finding the right makeup, hair and clothing stylists. The artistic director will make sure that the final creative product is up to your expectations.

I offer a free 30 minutes of artistic research and brainstorming service (extra charges could be applied for larger projects). Together, we can look through my bank of locations photos, or discuss about a studio background and props we could use. Some projects will be very important marketing tools and deserve all the professionalism of an art director that will consolidate your idea with an impactful concept.